Project 1

On average the comics I located online pertaining to the internet,  seemed to poke fun at the use of the internet for almost everything. Even mundane task such as “How do I lose weight without having to excercise ? ” are searchable. I think a common topic was the idea that everyone in this era is technologically sound, which is obviously not so. I think you would be hard pressed to find senior citizens who regularly use Facebook or Twitter to socialize while on the contrary you would find it just as difficult  to find young adults who do not use these outlets several times a day. I was startled to find that  More Tech stated internet users spend more time on Facebook than Google.  While on YouTube I located a video entitled “How mobile phones and the Internet are changing lives in East Africa. The video spoke of how farmers and traders are able to communicate about prices, public need and locale of desired goods, this is obviously much more lucrative in my opinion in comparison to the everyday social network. had a very interesting segment entitled Six Easy Steps to Avert the Collapse of civilization chap 28. The question brought up was, What will occur when the internet is (and it will be) used as a form of terrorism ie. downloadable viruses etc. Will all hell literally break loose ? As you can see many of the comic strips showed an overwhelmingly sarcastic attitude towards the internet.


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University Of North Texas Development and Family Studies Major, Artist, Lover, Creator, Moonchild. 25 years young, Equal rights enthusiast. Culinary badass. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
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