Problem Solving Strategies

My initial step would be to identify the actual issue at hand. In this situation that would be the fact that my roommate has been arrested. I would then figure out how this would immediately affect my roommate’s intent to graduate as well as begin their new job. I would then decide my goal in the situation which is to notify the school police that my roommate was indeed drowsy due to medication rather than public drunkenness. My next step in the solution would be to find evidence, while generating my solution in the room of what had actually occurred, I would probably locate a bottle of prescriptions or have the dentist notify the school if necessary. After analyzing my solution I believe it is clear that it is relevant to the situation at hand. I am sure after the misunderstanding was brought to the attention of the campus police it would be clear that my solution had positive benefits in helping my friend get out of the misunderstanding that he or she was in.


About 1bohemia

University Of North Texas Development and Family Studies Major, Artist, Lover, Creator, Moonchild. 25 years young, Equal rights enthusiast. Culinary badass. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
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